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Season Standings

11/18/12 W L
Art S. 22 37
Beaker 29 20
Bernoulli 44 39
BoonesFarm 50 49
Buster 54 57
Chainsaw 61 59
Cheesehead 59 51
Codpiece 39 38
DownHatch 57 63
GarGoon 67 51
GhaziManni 36 31
Grizwald 29 12
H Factor 64 48
HalfAss 18 25
Henchman 60 44
JohnnyFed 39 44
Koets 64 47
L.T. 57 63
Quacker 20 28
RocketRic 36 37
ShoMe 56 58
Shorty 25 26
StinkyT 47 46
Trigger 68 46
Vegas 60 45
ZTrain 43 49

Nov 18 Results / Trigger 9-2 / ShoMe 5-5 / ZTrain 3-1 / Buster 4-1 / H Factor 2-3 / Henchman 4-2 / LT 2-2 / Quacker 3-2 / DTH 9-3 / Koets 5-2 / Cheesehead 8-2 / Boones 2-3 / Chainsaw 9-2 / JFG 2-3 / Bernoulli 6-5 / GarGoon 2-2 / Chainsaw 9-2 / Grizwald 1-0 / Vegas 4-2 / Rocket Ric 0-1 / Beaker 3-4 / Post Your Picks!!! Dear Fish:

In 2012, the Website software that Trigger used was discontinued, and no longer supported on most of the Internet.  So, instead of spending the summer on my highly lucrative bookmaking operation, I got to learn how to code and design the website all over again!

I tried to make the website look very similar to the prior version.  HOWEVER, the feature that has had to change the most is the page for POSTING YOUR TRIGGERAMA picks.  Sorry for the aggravation, but there was no way around it.  Plus, you fish are all pretty smart [snicker] so I think you can figure it out.


1.  If you click any link that says "Post Your Picks" of any link that says "The Crying Towel" - you will be sent to The Crying Towel Forum

2.  At the Crying Towel Forum, you will see several "Topics" - you can post your messages in any of those topics, so choose the one that is appropriate - click on the name of the Topic, and you will be sent to the page for that Topic.  You will see all messages posted for the Topic.  AND - you will see a button that says POST A REPLY - click on that button!!

3.  On the Post a Reply page, you enter your Username (in other words your Trigger name).  You DON'T have to enter a password, and you DON'T need to "Register".   Just type your message in the big message box.  BUT THERE IS ONE MORE SMALL THING

4.  There is a question - "What does Trigger call you guys?  Spell it backwards".  You MUST fill in the answer in order to post your message.  And, of course, you type in "hsif" (without the quotation marks). [Sorry, but there is no way I could build this website without having to do this]

5.  So after you prepared your message and typed in the answer above, click the "Submit" button and you're done.  Click on "View your submitted message" and you can see it, along with other messages in the topic. 

6.  While you are visiting The Crying Towel, every page has a button near the top that says "Return To Triggerama", that gets you back to the Triggerama scoring page.